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Meal prep

The Art of Meal Prep

When starting out living an active lifestyle meal prepping is one of the many obstacles people have a hard time adapting to.   Prepping meals is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle and achieving your desired physique.   Meal prep will help you stay on track during those times when you have no time to…

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How to Lift Forever

Love lifting? Love playing sports? Then you need to make certain exercises a priority in your training to prevent injury and insure lifelong health. People relate exercise to aesthetics and brute strength, not to longevity. The quote “its a marathon not a sprint” relates perfectly to exercise.Their is no point in throwing up huge weights…

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How Strong Are You?

People often wonder how they stack up against others in the gym. They want to know what lifts are good, if they have weaknesses or not, and if so where their weaknesses lie. Author Tim Henriques compiled a list of standards to see how you rank in his new article “Are You Strong?” Check out…

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The Cost of Getting Lean

Check out this amazing infograph by the brilliant team at Precision Nutrition. You need to ask yourself is being super lean and shredded worth it? Remember the gym should revolve around your life not the other way around. Accountability and support is vital! Share with your friends now!: