The Big Lie- Diets DON’T Work

“How did I let this happen again?” – Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey is amazing. Billionaire, media mogul, bestseller, bad-ass. But despite all of her accomplishments, her weight is always a…

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Get Better

One Goal: To Get Better

We all have one goal: To get better No matter what you’re struggling with, life can get better.   If anyone knows the struggle, it’s Brad Stayan. Brad had been…

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Diets Dont Work

On any given day in 2010, 54% of American adults were trying to lose weight. God knows what the statistics were for 2017. It feels like everyone is unsatisfied with their appearance…

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One Busy Lady!

Karen Shaefer is one busy lady! Karen is a fulltime dental assistant, busy mom and wife. On top of this, she also has a very active social life. Karen’s family…

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4 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

We often get asked about kettlebell strength training exercises for runners. The ultimate question is not really about kettlebells but more about what exercises would be best to help improve running…

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