One Busy Lady!

Karen Shaefer is one busy lady! Karen is a fulltime dental assistant, busy mom and wife. On top of this, she also has a very active social life. Karen’s family…

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4 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners

We often get asked about kettlebell strength training exercises for runners. The ultimate question is not really about kettlebells but more about what exercises would be best to help improve running…

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The Piper Has To Be Paid!

The Piper Has To Be Paid!     Sheila Mann is a dedicated mother and wife. Sheila has an active social life and enjoys food and drinks. Her motto is…

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From Thin to Fit

Growing up I was a pretty normal sized kid, always on the slimmer side but normal.  I was moderately athletic, though I didn’t end up sticking with any of the…

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Mini Habits

Recently I read a very interesting conversation with a friend about mini habits.   The idea behind the conversation is that by performing 1-3 ridiculously small daily habits you can…

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