Cardio Without Cardio

I get asked about cardio workouts a lot. Truth is I never use any traditional cardio: running, indoor machines etc. with any of my clients. The only exception is if we…

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Lose Weight Without Trying

It’s no secret that the majority of people who start a new exercise program do so because they want to lose weight, which is a great reason (and motivator) to…

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personal training, semi private training, group fitness classes, Shred Fat

Shred Fat With Just 6 Moves

Shred fat rapidly and tone your muscles with this easy to follow metabolic blast. It’s simple: select 6 movements that collectively work your whole body. Then perform each move for…

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kettlebell workout

10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

Workouts don’t need to be highly complicated. At Club Sweat, we believe that workouts should be effective. So we developed this bad ass 10-minute kettlebell workout that hits over 600…

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