Group Training

If you want to get lean, toned, and strong without getting lost in a crowd, SWEATLABs group training classes are perfect for you. 

Our small class sizes enables us to personalize and customize the experience for you so you get unbelievable results, whether you want to lose weight, drop body fat, tone up, get strong or all of the above!

Our small group exercise classes have a MAXIMUM of 10 people and feature fun and challenging workouts for that lean, athletic body you’ve always wanted. Our group training is for ALL LEVELS and provides safe, dynamic, full body workouts that will get you in ridiculously good shape and prepare you for any physical challenge you may face.

We combine HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with full body exercises to maximize fat burning and the “after burn effect” in which your metabolism continues to be elevated long after your workout ends. This results in more burned calories and a leaner physique

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Private 1on1 Training

The best and most effective method of strength training to reduce body fat, add lean muscle, rehab from injury, and get personalized care.

Private 1on1 Training

Semi Private Training

The best, most effective and affordable method of strength training so you can reduce body fat and add lean muscle.

Semi Private Training

Why Choose SWEATLAB?

  • Non-Intimidating atmosphere
  • Personalized service 
  • 100% result guaranteed
  • Flexible timetable
  • Coaches with years of experience
  • Passionate about fitness and nutrition

We treat our clients like family and give you 100% service for 100% of the time you are training with us. Inside and outside the gym!

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